Amber Good

Amber is responsible for the implementation and go-to-market strategies for current and new CRM offerings for CDK Global. With over 16 years of experience in the automotive industry,she’s excited to highlight dealership needs and support them with innovative solutions.  

Amber Good
Lead Product Marketer, CRM

The automotive industry is known for its love of acronyms and buzzwords. Most of the time we see dealers change from one focus to another without taking the time to vet or track the effectiveness of each move.

Word of mouth can be very powerful and even influence dealers to change their processes with the hope of gaining revenue and success at a faster rate. It can get overwhelming trying to decide what’s worth the investment and what’s simply a fad that’ll be gone by the next year.

Dealership sales associates manage thousands of customer leads and close hundreds of vehicle sales every year. To do their job, they lean on a number of applications and digital tools.

According to CDK Global research, the average dealer uses 10+ systems to shepherd a lead through the process to a closed sale (that’s a lot of systems, to say the least).